“ Attorney Mobley is a terrific lawyer that took the time to meet with me, go over my case and my options and find the best solutions for my situation.  A divorce is hard enough to go through, but Marie really helped me navigate through the process in a thorough and professional manner.  Her knowledge of family law is top notch.  I highly recommend Attorney Marie Mobley!”




“Marie helped guide me through one of the hardest times in my life, my divorce. She guided me step-by-step filing a separation agreement and a contested divorce. Marie is more knowledgeable about family law in North Carolina than I previously knew was possible. I know I’d be in a much worse place now if it wasn’t for Marie’s patience and persistence to help me.”



“I have worked with Marie since late 2015 on my child custody and child support case. At 23 years old with no experience in the court system and an expectation that family courts are still an uphill battle for fathers, I was scared that I would lose ties with my daughter who was only months old at the time and I promised myself that I would fight for her. After my initial consultation with Marie, it became quite clear I didn’t have to fight alone. I could list everything she’s done for my family, but her skills speak for themselves. I can tell you that if you have a good head on your shoulders, whether man or woman, Marie will fight for you and she will take you all the way there. Adhere to her warnings, advice and utilize her knowledge to be in the hands of the best well rounded lawyer in the world. I will continue to use Marie’s services as my attorney and when I no longer need them, she’ll be at the top of the list. My family and I Thank You for all of your hard work and professionalism, you are truly the best.”

-David L.


“I met Attorney Mobley ten years ago when my family experienced some difficult changes.  She was the third attorney for my case. I appeared in court several times before meeting Attorney Mobley.  She had a good reputation and the acquaintances I met regarded her highly and were pleased she would be representing me.  My family situation was difficult and I needed someone to navigate the legal system effectively and efficiently for me and my children.  Attorney Mobley did just that.  She was effective, efficient and professional.  She was also empathetic towards my situation and fair in dealing with the other party. Several of my friends and /or relatives have consulted with Attorney Mobley for various matters.  Each have had a great experience with good outcomes.  It was important to me to have an attorney whom I could trust to advise me wisely and represent me well in court.  I have been very pleased with Attorney Mobley’s knowledge, experience, advice and representation in court.”



“I recently worked with Marie and her staff in a high conflict divorce case lasting over a year. I found Marie to be extremely professional and knowledgeable with a perfect balance of compassion and empathy. While she has 15+ years of law experience, my case was admittedly “unique” and she worked tirelessly to ensure a favorable outcome for me under NC Law in alimony, child support, custody, and equitable distribution. She really listened to my needs, short and long term, and was able to provide me perspective in the present and a look into the future I may have struggled to see at the time. She always kept the best interest of my five children at the forefront of our discussions and she aimed to keep our case from going to trial. However, Marie is tough and unrelenting, and will fight for you when it is necessary! I am so thankful to have had Marie and her staff in my corner during some of the most difficult circumstances of my life! I would highly recommend Mobley Law to anyone in need of fantastic representation!”



“Marie was very knowledgeable about my particular domestic situation and was forthcoming about what to expect. This was very important to me as I had met with other attorneys and was not confident in their abilities.  She was very conscientious of my time and did not schedule unnecessary meetings.  She also let me know which records and documents to have on hand to expedite the process when we would have meetings.   The office staff was very helpful during crunch times and transparent with expectations.  I liked her matter of fact attitude which never mislead me in my expectations even if it was not what I wanted to hear.  I highly recommend Marie and her capable staff.“