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Traffic Law

Tickets Affect your wallet and record!

If you have received a traffic citation in Johnston County? A conviction for a traffic ticket, even certain speeding tickets, can lead to drastic increases in your automobile insurance premiums and affect your driving history. This can, in turn, affect other aspects of your life such as employment. Many people do not realize the effect that simply pleading guilty or paying a ticket off at the clerk’s office can have on their privilege to drive or to their insurance. Many people request the court to continue judgment, i.e. to grant them a “PJC”, even when doing so is neither necessary nor wise, given their driving history. Marie Mobley can evaluate your situation and the appropriate defense to use given your charge.

It rarely makes sense for you to just plead guilty or pay off a ticket in North Carolina. Marie Mobley can analyze your driving history and the current ticket(s) and then negotiate the best possible outcome given your situation. Although many offenses require you to appear in court, you may be able to hire an attorney to appear for you so that you don’t have to miss work or reschedule that vacation you’ve had planned for weeks to sit in court and wait for your case to be called.

Missed your court date?

Failing to appear in court on your court date can result in your North Carolina Driver’s License being suspended. If your license is suspended, you will also have to pay a restoration fee to the NC DMV. Courts also assess fees when a person fails to appear. If you have missed your court date, contact Marie Mobley; she can help get your case added onto a calendar and help prevent your license from being suspended or help you get it back if the suspension has already happened.

Arrested for Driving While License Revoked?

Being arrested for driving while your North Carolina license is revoked or suspended is a serious offense. If you are convicted or plead guilty of driving while your license is revoked, you are not even eligible for a limited driving privilege. If your are convicted of a subsequent moving violation after your license has been revoked, your license could be suspended for an additional year or more, thereby increasing the length of time that you have to go without being licensed to drive. If you’ve been charged with driving while license revoked, Marie Mobley can analyze your driving record to see why you were charged with the offense and how you can handle the ticket or get you properly licensed.