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Powers of Attorney

General Power of Attorney

Whether you need a power of attorney to allow someone to act on your behalf for a specific event or specific period of time or you want to have one on hand just in case you are unable to handle your affairs yourself, Attorney Mobley can draw up a general power of attorney spelling out just the actions you authorize someone else to take on your behalf.

Healthcare Power of Attorney & Healthcare Directives

Many of us prefer not to think about what would happen if we were injured or sick and could not give instructions about our care to our medical care providers. Sadly, our procrastination and avoidance can leave our children and loved ones to make these difficult decisions and guilt over making the wrong ones. A Health Care Power of Attorney and/or Health Care Directive can go a long way in easing your mind and the minds of those you love so that important decisions and choices are made and known ahead of time and don’t have to be made in haste and with second thoughts in mind.

Health Care Consent for Minor Child

Whether you are taking a vacation, your child is going on a trip, or you are leaving your child with family for the weekend, your child may need medical attention in your absence. If you can’t be reached to make these decisions and you want to let someone else be allowed to make those decisions, a Healthcare Consent for Minor Child may be just what you need. Attorney Mobley can draw up such a document for a small flat fee.