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Name Changes & Birth Certificates

Adult & Minor Name Changes

An adult can change his/her name by following the right steps. If you are seeking a name change as a victim of domestic violence, there are some additional protections for you. If you are seeking to change your child’s name, you will typically need the consent of the child’s other parent. Name changes–whether for adults or children–are not complicated, but do require a good deal of paperwork which must be done correctly. Attorney Mobley typically handles name changes for a set flat fee. If you want to make changes to you or your child’s name, contact Attorney Mobley.

Birth Certificate Corrections/Alterations

Sometimes people do not realize there are mistakes on their birth certificates or on their child’s birth certificate until they go to get a passport or enroll a child in school. Sometimes people notice the mistakes right away. There are ways to administratively amend or correct certain mistakes on a birth certificate (other than the spelling of the child’s name). Attorney Mobley handles a number of these issues for folks who are born in Johnston County. If you are seeking to correct the spelling of the child’s name on the birth certificate, you will need to seek a name change instead. Attorney Mobley can help you with this issue, too.