Practice Areas

Criminal Law

For years, Attorney Mobley handled a variety of criminal cases, from traffic tickets, to misdemeanors, to felonies and criminal appeals. In recent years, her practice has focused more on domestic law and family law matters. However, she likes to keep one foot in the door in criminal court. Most recently, Attorney Mobley has done so by handling criminal record expungements for people who seek to have certain convictions and criminal charges expunged. An expungement is when a judge orders a record cleared/sealed so the public cannot see it. The purpose of an expungement is to treat the charge or conviction as if it has never occurred. The law for expungements in North Carolina has changed considerably over the last few years and has further changes on the horizon. Certain misdemeanor and felony convictions can be expunged and the waiting times for these expungements have been significantly reduced. Also, the limits on how many dismissals can be expunged has also been removed. The changes to the laws for expungements open up the opportunity to for folks to clean up their criminal record. Getting an expungement can help a person obtain employment, obtain security clearances, and start a new chapter in life.